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I love the anticipation of a new week. We just sat around the table as a family and went over all the activities of this coming week: dance performances, hockey games, last week of school before the holiday, Despicable Me comes out on DVD… all kinds of events! This week is going to need a plan. With my folks coming home next month, it’s also meant that we are looking at a move at the end of the month… so if the holidays isn’t enough…and piling on our 16th wedding anniversary, and Eric’s 40th Bday on top of that STILL isn’t overwhelming enough… then you can top it all off with an end-of-the-year MOVE. It’s local, but still: packing, moving, cleaning, organizing. Whew. Big couple weeks.


GOOD NEWS… (for 3 of you!) TONIGHT, we announced the WINNERS of our YUDU giveaway… and since we got over 1600 comments, Provo Craft agreed to donate and giveaway 3 YUDU machines, and House of 3 matched that (kinda) by also giving each winner a $100 Gift Certificate!  The WINNERS have been announced in detail on the House of 3 blog.

Of course, not everyone can win… sad but true, we decided that to THANK YOU all for your awesome support…you can use a special code of : 121310 now through the 18th to get $5 off your order of $9.99 at the House of 3.

ENJOY! And have a great MONDAY!

ps… for those of you NEW to House of 3… be sure to sign up for the Newsletter so you don't miss out on awesome Deals!

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