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world traveler…

world traveler…

Img_1981So here is my sneak peek for today!… I made this scrapbook page back in November while em was here. I just love this photo of her. I took it when we went to the fabric market, this is one of my favorite little spots there. You can see in the photo the fabrics I picked.. this was the time we went and I got the fabric to make the pillow covers to go on the couch (note the swatches!). This is one of the papers from the ‘world traveler’ collection.  Kinda works for our life right now! LOL. I also used the receipt for the taxi we took to get there, as well as the smallest Chinese money-note.  The whole collection looks so fab with the metallic chipboard. I love it.  tomorrow I am going to post something that I have been working on for the China tour in Sept! it’s a bit of a double sneak peek…more of the ‘traveler’ collection and the travel journal for the trip!  Img_1985

We went to the Silk Market today to pick up some stuff to bring home… this shopping experience is like nothing you have ever experienced… it’s amazing.  There are several places like this, but this is the biggest and probably the best.… it’s called ‘silk street’, ‘silk market’, ‘silk alley’… all different names. It used to be just a street or alley, that had vendors set up in an out door type situation. Now it’s in a really nice building with about seven floors. Each floor is a different kind of thing that you can buy: toys, souvenirs, electronics, art, relics, clothing, silk, jewelry, sunglasses, watches, shoes, bags/purses, on and on… (it’s not all silk like the name implies). I intended on taking a few more photos, but the whole experience is completely overwhelming! You see, nothing has a price tag on it…most the people who work there can speak ‘market english’. The vendors are super aggressive; they have little booths that are PILED with merch. As you walk by they grab your arm, and try to pull you into their stall, or call out asking if you want to buy whatever they have… “hey lady, want to buy a purse?”  they love to talk to the kids… they love kids. Well, once you decide what you want to buy… it’s time to talk about ‘how much’. The conversation switches to the calculator for communication as you go back and forth trying to settle on a price. They usually start out RIDICULOUSLY high and drop to like 25% of their original asking price quickly. it’s always an adventure! Today was the first time I have actually purchased something on the jewelry floor. Everytime I have been there, I wander around all the different jewelry counters- they all have similar stuff… of course, they are known for pearls. But they have any and everything. They have pieces that are already made… or you can design WHATEVER you want and they will make it for you right there on the spot! The possibilities are absolutely limitless…as a result, it’s felt impossible for me to make a decision! Today I bought some turquoise strands! The lady made it all just my size, and I am thrilled! The black onyx is calling my name! maybe next time…Img_3071

Img_3070I have been fighting off the urge to make chocolate chip cookies for days now.  So, I am giving in and watching ‘american idol’.

oh… as long as we are sneaking peeks… maybe you know Keisha Campbell… she is a 2Peas Garden Girl, and an amazing scrapbook artist-and get this, she lived about 10 minutes away from me right here in Beijing!  i have enlisted her to help make a few samples for my big QVC appearance as well as the CHA booth. she banged out 10 fabulous-keisha-pieces and has a little sneak on her blog.

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