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world travelling!!

world travelling!!

Img_3076I have this nasty little habit of working on non-essential projects when I am under critical deadlines… but it’s my way of relieving stress, and getting to that ‘creative’ place. This project is a prime example of that!  I have been so excited about it… and how perfect the new ‘world traveler’ paper is.. and what great photos I have to put in this, and well… it’s been so fun for me to PLAY with. I have posted about the CHINA tour that Scrap Map has put together for September: it’s a 10 day tour based in Beijing that I get to host with Jim West.  This is the project that I will be teaching mostly PRIOR to the trip (those who are signed up will be enrolled in an on-line class as part of the pre-trip festivities!) It’s a travel journal, and those that want to create it before they come, will have it all ready to go and capture all the details of the trip! Ever since Jim first emailed me the proposed itinerary, I have been so excited! it really is an awesome, comprehensive schedule promising a truly fabulous Beijing experience. I LOVE to make travel journals before I go on big trips and creative trips so that I can compile my thoughts and experiences each day, as I go… so that I won’t forget any of the little details. The cover of this book is made from a piece of painted silk that I bought in one of the markets… as is that big ‘rose’ paper. We’ll be sending everyone coming on the tour a kit with a bunch of stuff to create the basic journal… and we’ll be adding lots along the way during the tour.  There will be more details on that later for those coming to Beijing! but this little sneak peek is for everyone! i LOVE this set of papers… and "extras". tomorrow i will show you how you don’t have to travel around the world to utilize it as well!


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