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look what arrived on our doorstep yesterday, just in time for FHE last night… *updated w/ a link!


"Quadrilla". it provided hours of fight-free entertainment for everyone! we had a great time building different tracks and letting the littles run handfuls of marbles through the mazes of different tunnels and drops. SUPER cooL! for you Grandma's out there, that are looking for something unique to keep at your house… this is a perfect thing! maybe would even be something cool to give DAD or Grandpa for Father's Day- to inspire some quality interaction!  it was great for our family to have older kids that could help the younger kids! there are small parts… and i am sure that we are already down a marble or 2…


i am so excited for tomorrow nights' webshow… if you have never jumped on and joined us.. tomorrow night will be a perfect one to start! us 'house of 3' girls… Janet, Rhonna and myself have teamed up with Pink Paislee and using some of their fab products, and mixed with some hybrid-house of 3 'magic'… we will be teaching some really FUN projects and dishing out some cute ideas and tips!  we used contents from THIS KIT that you can order from the Pink Paislee website- you can still get the kit and tune in for some big time inspiration. the kit is $50 worth of product for only $35. and all our tips and tricks are FREE! how about that!  you can watch the show HERE!


i'll be showing off some glimmer misting tips on the Pink Paislee canvas albums… and construction of a rather unique little book, with some fun little twists…

but look at this amazingly cool morsel that janet whipped up!! wait until we show you how FUN and easy this one is to create… you will LOVE it! so don't miss a thing!!

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