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our christmas eve…

our christmas eve…

Wow… the blog really took a back seat to all the festivities of this last week! It’s been CRAM PACKED with holiday family fun! We could NOT have had more fun, more food, more action and less sleep. Not possible. I am going to post  some of my favorite memories over the next few days as I start to pack up the trees and take down the decorations…it’s been a wonderful, magical, memorable Christmas!

Today I want to share one of my most favorite memories from this year, and a new-ish tradition. This is the first year in a LONG time that we were all together as a family on Christmas. The last 4 Christmases have all been ‘SKYPE’ Celebrations as we were living in China and my folks were on their mission in Fiji.  NOW, there are 10 grandchildren and the kids are old enough to really understand what is going on, and it’s an important and sacred teaching opportunity on Christmas Eve. Of course we have always read from the Bible, the account of the Savior’s Birth, and gathered around the piano for my dad to play Carols… and we have even acted it out with only my crew… but this year my mom did the coolest thing- she found a narration/poem about the first Christmas Eve, and had assigned each person parts. Then she made very simple little costumes, so each person could get dressed up as their part.  As my dad read from the Bible, we all said our parts and helped the littles with theirs. Its was adorable, and so sweet… and the kids loved dressing up, and being ‘on stage’. It’s a perfect new tradition! I loved it.



After a present exchange and yummy ham & funeral potatoes dinner we were headed back to our houses to get ready for bed!

when we got home to our house… it was clear we had to whip up a batch of Santa's FAVORITE choc. chip cookies… he leaves a note each year, that they are his all time fav!  so we unwrapped new jammies, and made cookies, and drugged the kids with benedryl and off they were into sweet slumber… and thus christmas eve BEGAN! 


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