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Wow, what a weekend!

Wow, what a weekend!


Can I just tell you how much I love the 4th of
July… I love the celebration! It’s so great. I am especially thankful this
year- that we could be together with friends and family and enjoying one of my
favorite places on earth- my Grandpa’s cabin. Not only is it my favorite place…
it’s my kids’ favorite as well. When we pulled up on Friday evening- Capri said
“I’m so proud to be here” (funny)… throughout the weekend, I heard over and
over from my kids- talking about how much they love it, and how grateful they
were to be there, and how much fun they were having. It really was a great
weekend. No phones. No computers. Just lots of junk food!  That’s the best. 

Here are some photos that I will be working on for this week’s
webshow on WED night!

I have a theme this weeks… “……………. Makes me happy”.  What makes you happy?

This stuff just really does it for me!



these shot were from the Oakley Parade this morning… love our "YuDU" creations… how cool is that? nothing like whipping up t-shirts on the fly!  the kids LOOOVED the parade…we got there quite early- early enough to get fed a free breakfast burrito that was pretty darn sweet!

this cowboy clown was a huge hit!

this photo is CLASSIC! i love it!  these kids seriously LOVED the candy throwing. once they had  bag to collect the candy in, it was as exciting as halloween without the costumes or all that walking!

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