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ok, ok, ok… i know that it's WED and i should be back to normal, but i am far from it! i pulled in yesterday afternoon from driving home from AZ (took us 2 days)…. and i am a bit wasted… but i did get to bed early last night, and have surveyed the situation- have about a million things on the 'to do' list, including going to meet Capri and Connor's new preschool teachers…. i am working on a post about the most AMAZING creative escape… i am so filled with emotion… JOY! things went just beautifully… and i can't get over the GENEROSITY of everyone involved… from the sponsors, to the teachers… and the Bazzill Crew… and every single person there… there was just this huge generosity of spirit that lifted the whole thing right off the ground! i keep thinking about all the INPUT that goes into it- individually from so many different sources, and what an amazing compilation of talent the whole experience is…

so until i can get a GRIP… you can get a laugh by watching the little video on my Facebook wall- it's a 'syncronized swimming' from Creative Escape… super funny!

and i'll see you tonight for the LIVE webshow…. 8pm MST (normal place, normal time!)


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