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yay for monday!

yay for monday!

i guess i figured that it had to happen… totally hit a wall this weekend. getting to bed early (well, early for me) and sleeping in, and even little naps 3 days in a row- and i am STILL just tired. more tired than just the usual amount of wear and tear. i am thinking that maybe since i didn't have time to get over my jet lag last week- it's finally caught up with me! it happens. i am ready for a new week!
i got out my "simply amazing" book and revisited my goals, and evaluated my situation here almost 6 months into 2010. i need to get back on track, and re-evaluate what is the best use of my time and energy- what is the most important. i will say- so far… this year has been Simply Amazing. kids are out of school i like 2 weeks… so time will start to slip away at an even FASTER rate, as only summer can. are you ready? getting a good night's sleep, and ready to get the MOST out of my FAVORITE day tomorrow: cleaning, grocery shopping and doing some much needed studio re-organization!

have an AWESOME MONDAY…..and here's to a GREAT,  s i m p l y   a m a z i n g  week!

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