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I stayed on track last night, and completed my APRIL calendar page… I was further behind that I thought! I still have MARCH, and then JULY! I am saving the JULY page for Connor’s first birthday that is Monday… (gasp). i can’t remember exactly when I took this photo, but it was in April some time, and I think that I could scrapbook it 20 times. I love it. here is the issue w/ the calendar… it’s so hard turn the page sometimes! So the July one has to be really cute to get me to turn off this one. or, I will just have to rotate! Revisiting the months! Lol. this time I am using Cosmo Cricket paper. And it’s just so beautiful! I like doing the 9×9 format so much cause you cut the paper down, and then have little pieces left over to work with! For example… the background paper I used is that more neutral color..w/ the turquoise green on the back. I wanted the turquoise color to be prominent, so I created a border w/ my off cut! Then you can see that I used scraps for the bottom of the calendar as well. I did some stamping, and distress inking…I decided to cut a slit in the  page protector to let the bow/ribbon come out of the page so it didn’t look so squnched. April was such a busy, insane month… this makes it look so serene! I think that it’s interesting the phases I go through. I can tell in a small way by the color thread that I have in my sewing machine. I am super lazy, so I hate to change out the thread… let alone the bobbin. It about ruins my day when I have to change the bobbin! (so dumb) anyway…in the past it’s been pink… everything goes with pink! And then there was a long lime green time period.. and now, it’s yellow. I can’t remember when I put the yellow on there, or why. But it’s been really versatile! I like it! and I have used a lot of yellow tones lately. Img_7456
And interestingly enough, look at what I picked up at the corner florist nook… gorgeous yellow flowers.

cory has something new that is yellow as well… he has been mastering the Img_7362_2
unicycle. As if we don’t have enough injury potential w/ NORMAL bikes.

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