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'yes please' halloween candy jar

'yes please' halloween candy jar

all i can say right now is … jen, WHERE IS MINE! i have actually been off candy and sweets now for a full week, and after a day like today… my will power is a little LOW!  this is the cutest, quickest, win-anyone-over-est project ever!! a few little candy corns wouldn’t hurt! 🙂 ok… i just love this! take a look…


I will use any excuse to buy candy, even if that means to sign myself up for a Halloween inspirational project here on Heidi’s blog. 😉 Actually, almost everyone has a sweet tooth and if they don’t they will after you give them their very own “Yes, Please Jar”. I created this jar to give away this Halloween to my son’s teacher. What better way to say “Thank you” by sending her home with 21oz. of candy corn? Kidding aside, this is a great gift that you can use anytime of year if you change the colors and treats inside to suit the season.

To make your own you will need the following:

One Canning Jar

Muslin (about 7″x7″)

Vintage Chic Beautiful Songs Pattern Paper

Heidi Swapp Black and White Stripes Off Packaging

Information Trimmings

1 Color Magic Note

Sentiment Sticker (“Yes Please”)

Vintage Chic Mini Tags (“Sweet”)

Flower Trimmings

Color Shine Black Velvet, Georgia Peach, and Tinsel

Halloween Digital Words Kit

1 Button

Ribbon and Bakers Twine in Coordinating Colors


1. Trace the inside piece of your jar lid (not ring) on your pattern paper. Cut it out and glue to the top of your lid.

2. Fill your washed jar with candy. I had no idea it was going to take 21 oz of candy corn to fill the jar. I bought three 11 oz. bags and used two. Oh bummer, now I have an extra bag of candy to nibble on while I type the rest of these instructions. (All in the name of art!)

Place your muslin over top of the lip and then place both the lid and ring on the jar and tighten closed.

3. Glue ribbon around the outside ring making sure to not overlap the seal. Glue your Information Trimmings over the ribbon and slightly heat with a heat gun to curl the fringe. Tie your baker’s twine around the jar twice and tie a bow. Leave your strings long and loose for the next step.

4. Mist a Color Magic Note with Tinsel Color Shine. Wipe clean with a paper towel. Glue on a piece of the black and white stripe packaging to the front of the card. Add your “Yes Please” Sentiment Sticker to the top. Tie ribbon through the provided hole in the Note (I used black).

Tie the Note to the jar with the loose baker’s twine string. Tie a Vintage Chic Mini Tag on to the bow creating a double knot in the baker’s twine.

5. Collect the “dictionary” printed Flower Trimmings. Mist your flowers with Georgia Peach Color Shine. Glue your flowers while off setting your layers a little so all the petals will show. Slightly heat with a heat gun by having it blow across the flowers and not directly on them. As you heat them, take your fingers and pull up on each layer to make them start to form toward you. As the petals make a cone shape toward you, glue the back of the entire layered flower and place it on the side of the jar. Make sure to not glue over the edge on to the glass of the jar. (You want to make sure that the jar can open with the flower still on the lid). Glue a button to the center of the flower.

6. Cut “Yum”, from the Halloween Digital Words Kit,  in white cardstock with your Silhouette. Mist the word with Black Velvet Color Shine.

Place your word right side down in a trash can and spray with Velum Spray Adhesive. This will help you adhere the word to your tag without getting glue everywhere and on those delicate letters.


thanks so much Jen!! and i think that you are right… this is perfect inspiration for all the holiday ‘reasons’ to GIVE something fabulous over the next couple months! i’m keeping this one in my back pocket!


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