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You just never know.

You just never know.

Capri hospital

When I was planning out my week Sunday night, I would have
never guessed that it would be spent here at Primary Children’s Hospital. Sat
morning I had 2 kids puking. I wasn’t too concerned…we just pretty much camped
out on the couches and watched TV. Capri woke up and was immediately throwing
up, but Colton waited until he and a group of his friends were ½ way up the
canyon to throw up in the car! The day was lazy, and typical for sick-os.  Sunday morning, Capri was up at 3am and
I was not having success controlling her fever because she kept throwing up the
Tylenol and Motrin. She was pretty miserable, and I was working to keep small
amounts of liquid in her- I was starting to be worried about dehydration.  By 10am, she was complaining more about
her neck and less about her tummy- and I noticed that she had major swollen
glands which were very tender. We took her to ‘after-hours’ clinic and there
she was diagnosed with strep throat and ear infections. The dr. gave her a
steroid anti-inflamatory  She
started anti-biotics and I was relieved to know that in 12 hours she’d be on
the mend.  Her fever was under
control and she seemed to have a pretty restful night. However, when she woke
up she was much worse. She couldn’t or wouldn’t move her head. She just sat
holding her head in her hands telling me that her head and neck hurt. She had
more of a fever, and wouldn’t eat or drink or anything. I was worried, and of
course I was immediately thinking that it could be meningitis…and decided we needed
to get into the dr. again.

After seeing the pediatrician, she immediately sent us up to
the ER at Primary’s –  she had
ordered several tests, and explained that we had to rule a few things out w/ a
CT scan.

By evening, we were admitted into the hospital and drs were
keeping a close eye on an abscess that has developed inside her throat on the back of her neck.
Basically that is an infection pocket that can either be treated with IV
anti-biotics or must be surgically drained. Capri falls in the grey area, so we
have been doing the IV meds and waiting to see how the labs come back in the
a.m. to see if she needs to have the surgery.  This photo was taken when i arrived this morning to trade off with eric. i brought her a little pink sweatsuit and new Dora book and that got big smiles! i think that the pain meds were contributing to the smile for sure! this is a smile we haven't seen much of in a few days!


It’s humbling to be here in the hospital with so many sick,
sick kids. I guess if nothing else, it really puts things into perspective. I have
been blessed to have very healthy kids– this is our first
hospitalization for any of our kids. Sunday night I was planning out our week,
setting goals, making lists and writing in my journal about some of my concerns
and trying to make plans- well EVERYTHING slipped to ‘unimportant’. I am
feeling SO grateful for the drs and nurses, for the amazing facilities and
resources available.  I am so
thankful for the prayers and concern- all the emails and messages. I have been
to touched and thankful for everyone that has reached out wanting to somehow
help… how awesome. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I am feeling so aware of all the
little miracles, and ways that the Lord has and is blessing our lives, and
watching over us.


SO- as you may have guessed…I need to cancel Wednesday’s
Webshow for this week!  Rhonna made
this cutie little ‘rain check’… how cute is that? man, she is good! we ‘ll just
be rearranging our dates a little- and I’ll be giving you all the info that you
need to get all PREPARED for the next couple of weeks! I think it’s SO fun as
we create together!!

But for now…

I am just going to worry about this sick little girl, whom I
love so very much… and would do anything to make it all go away!  again, I thank you most sincerely for
your concerns and prayers.xoxoxoxoxo!!

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