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yudu par-tay!

yudu par-tay!

so i had myself a little yudu party today! me and my aunt KJ… just getting all ready for the webshow tomorrow night- man, this time instead of having to clean up my studio (which really just involves moving stuff so it's not visible on camera…) i have to clean up the kitchen in preparation…  i got up and got dying the shirts this morning- i bought shirts at target- they were Hanes… (my kids love the hanes) and when you get them in the pack- they are $1 each! anyway… i dyed some grey and some orange. i'll be showing that trick off, and giving my tips and tricks… (thanks for the help LIZ!)  i created a couple screens… (there might be a freebie tomorrow night…wink) and i LOVED how they turned out. i wound up mostly using the white and black paints… so kept it pretty simple! the Fam LOVED the t-shirts… and they immediately went from yudu to body this afternoon!


Screen shot 2010-10-12 at 11.25.53 PM

(even eric wore his to basketball tonight) that must mean either he loves it or hates it… hmmm? of course, i don't like the hanes t-shirts… so i need to go and buy me a shirt that i will wear… the weather is turning a bit cooler, so i think i may have to go and find me long sleeve t-shirt tomorrow.

in other news… janet and rhonna and i have been finalizing our new CHA winter releases… gasp! it's SO, oh so cute… and i hate that we have to keep it a secret for so long still. anyway… not that you don't know this- but Janet and Rhonna are amazing… and i love working with them! it's a thrill. 


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