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yudu recap! oh, and flowers.

yudu recap! oh, and flowers.

Screen shot 2010-10-14 at 11.30.23 PM

i thought that last night’s webshow went great.. i was totally nervous- both because i was going to be performing LIVE doing the YUDU process of creating screens and then using the screen i made, and it’s just one of those things that i was hoping that i didn’t have any of those “creative accidents”…but no- it all went super smooth, and we had so much fun! i love my Yudu, so it’s fun to just share the love. i really like how my t-shirts have all turned out… and i am looking forward to distributing them to the lucky recipients! 

as i said, last night i did lost of hands-on stuff… starting out with the t-shirt dying on the stove top with Rit dye. turned out awesome. …


Screen shot 2010-10-14 at 11.28.13 PM Screen shot 2010-10-14 at 11.44.32 PM

Then i created a NEW screen, and went through the process of drying the emulsion on the screen, to burning the image on the screen and then in fact printing… i printed lots of different t-shirts, so you could really get a feel for how long it takes, and really how easy it is! i will admit, there was a bit of a learning curve for me, but one that has been SO worth it!  i think that i have screened at least 20 t-shirts, 6 canvas bags, 32 cloth napkins and … what else? any and everything that crossed my path! so much fun! 


Screen shot 2010-10-14 at 11.33.57 PM

Screen shot 2010-10-14 at 11.43.32 PM

i also showed off my “Halloween Blossom” which is the ‘featured flower’ on my new little Etsy Shop… i have had so many people asking about the flowers that Rhonna had taught me how to make-and i was making onesise and twosies for various people… as well as teaching my Relief Society how to make them… just decided to put a few up on Etsy, and make them available. i LOVE to wear flowers- all the time, and i love having them in every color! they are so easy to wear…you might have spied them on me and my girls in our ‘family home pictures’ as Capri calls them.

(anything we do as a family is a ‘family home ‘ something. FUNNY!  i have enlisted the help of a couple women that are making the flowers- it’s just a great little gift for yourself or someone else! perfect to give to sisters and co-workers…  i am going to be periodically designing a ‘feature’ flower that will be LIMITED edition and only available for a limited amount of time. the Halloween Blossom is a Limited Edition, and looks great with all things spooky!  Click here to check out the recorded version.   

i can barley keep my eyes open, but i have a big announcement tomorrow ! so check back!!


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