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Oh so much going on right now, that I can hardly take a
breath, and decided that for my mental and physical health, I am going for a
FULL 8 hours of sleep tonight. SOO, I am just moments away from tucking myself
in bed, and planning to wake up EARLY and refreshed!

With Janet in town, today was so full of meetings and
brainstorming, and planning and exciting stuff! Can hardly keep up! I LOVE what
is happening…love the direction and possibilities!! Tomorrow I will be
announcing the subject matter of the LIVE webshow for  next week! we have just been
finalizing all the details, and it’s going to be awesome. I learn more each
time, and I think it’s a blast!



One of the ‘areas’ in my life that needs more attention from
me is:  MEALS. I wouldn’t say I am
a BAD cook.. just more like I don’t really do much of it. I mean… I have 6
people each night relying on me to come up with something for them to eat, and
going out w/ a 2 and 3 year old is NOT any option, so I come up w/ food… but
it’s not really ‘cooking’… I think that i wish I would put a little more
EFFORT, PLANNING and prep into the 
process- rather than just realizing, “oh shoot, it’s 6pm… what am I
going to make for dinner”.  I have
decided to challenge myself to try a new meal once each week. this will
require: 1. Planning  2. List
making and 3. Shopping.  All things
I need to improve on. (drastically).

SO, I thought that I would share my NEW MEAL for this week!!
I will say, it was a huge success… everybody (including Katie and Skip) ate it
AND liked it! no one cried. No one tried to give their food to the dog.  Eric had suggested that we should try
‘french dip sandwiches’.  I have
never made them, but used to love them as a kid.

Here’s how i made it:




C. soy sauce

C. water w/ beef bullion cube dissolved

t. rosemary

t. thyme

t. garlic powder

or hard rolls

Brown roast in 2 T of olive oil after removing any visible
fat.  Pepper the meat and place in
crock pot.  Combine soy sauce, beef
bullion water and all spices and pour over roast. Cover and cook on low for
8-10 hours, until meat is very tender.

Shred meat and serve on rolls. Ladle broth into small bowls
for dipping.


So this got 14 thumbs up from our family! that might be a

  1. it’s a
    crock pot recipe and I LOVE that feeling of having dinner under control
    all day! it was SO easy to prepare- I even had the seasonings on hand!!
  2. eric
    had to leave for school before we ate, so I just wrapped his up and put
    the au jus in a little Tupperware container… and he ate it on the
  3.  I am on a LOW CARB diet, and the
    meat was DELISH by itself, without the bun! -and I just cooked up some
    cauliflower and baby carrots as a basic side. So it was versatile.
  4. It
    made up enough for 2 nights of meals… so we had the replay tonight and it
    was JUST AS GOOD the 2nd time! (if not better cause it was
    already done!)


SO, that is my review! It’s a great cold weather dish- would
also be a great one to take in to a family …(I am always stumped when I need to
take a meal to a friend). It’s also a good one for a family get-together or
Sunday evening meal.  It’s going in
my 2010 binder under “meals”… hmm. I should have taken a photo! I will in the



Lights out.

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